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Newsletter #15
May 28th, 2024
Dear all,

The end of the academic year is full of funding opportunities and interesting events!
Focus on:

👉Training: get access to ISCT cell manufacturing course with BioConvS
👉Event: we sponsor the annual meeting of the doctoral school ITFA - do you want to attend with us?
👉Event: submit a poster to the Momentum in Cell and Gene Therapy Symposium before Friday!
👉Scientific outreach: apply until June 5th to our next masterclass!

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BioConvS trainings
Science & Social Networks
Join our 4th Scientific Communication Masterclass
The use of social networks in any scientific communication or mediation approach appears to be an imperative. So much so that we can tend to forget certain fundamental questions: for what objectives and which audiences are each of them best suited? Which network is most relevant to use according to which needs?
On June 11th at 9h

Register before June 5th!
Get free access to the ISCT Advanced Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Regulatory Course
We are delighted to annouce that BioConvS has initiated a partnership with the Intenational Society for Cell Therapy (ISCT) in order to offer to our members access to the ISCT network and training material!
BioConvS will offer, throughout the duration of the DIM program, up to 10 individual yearly licenses of our Basic Lab Membership to members of its community. This notably includes the Advanced Cell Therapy Manufacturing and Regulatory Course, and much more!
Learn more and apply
Not to miss
Conference: Momentum in Cell and Gene Therapy Symposium
We invite you to attend this upcoming event which is co-organized by ART-TG (Inserm) and SKpharmteco on June 19 in Evry. This one-day conference aims to bring together experts, researchers, and professionals from various disciplines within the field of cell and gene therapy. It will serve as a platform for insightful discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities.
June 19th
Learn more and register
Submit a poster before Friday!
đź’Šđź’‰ Are you a student in biotherapy?
🤝 Do you want to meet peers, increase your network and have a look at PhD projects that could be useful to inform your own work ?

👉Then attend the Annual meeting of the doctoral school in therapy innovation with BioConvS! This event is normally limited to doctorants of the school but, as sponsors of the event, we secured a few extra places for you.

đź“…When: June 20th, 9h to 18h
🌍Where: amphithéâtre Olivier Kahn (Bâtiment Henri Moissan) - 17 Av. des Sciences, 91400 Orsay

Contact us
before June 4th if you want to attend!
PEPR Biotherapies’ first call for projects is open
The aim of this call for proposals is to support original and innovative research projects on the PEPR’s 4 axes:
👉Anticipating the growth and industrial-scale manufacture of cell therapies and the emergence of tissue therapies (regenerative medicine);
👉Accelerating the deployment of gene therapies;
👉Developing engineering for biotherapies and bioprocesses;
👉Supporting emerging fields in biotherapies.

The call will finance TRL 1 to 4 projects, composed of at least three research teams, with a maximum duration of 4 years and a budget of between €1 and €2.5 million per project.

đź“…Deadline : 5 september 2024
Learn more
Join the info webinar on June 3rd at 13h30!
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SESAME FEDER still open
This call for projects, with 14 to 16 million euros of European funds, aims to support, develop and create structuring equipment such as research platforms open to SMEs. Eligible candidates: public or private non-profit research organizations and higher education and research establishments, scientific cooperation foundations and foundations recognized as being of public utility, SMEs, competitiveness poles, clusters and technical centers.
Learn more
Might interest you
Learn more about Genopole's biofoundry
Get ready for "Made by Biology": Genopole's industrial site of the Paris Bioconvergence Biofoundry will kickstart its activities in the fall. In this interview, Christophe Lanneau and Stéphane Lemaire summarize the project for you in a couple of minutes.
Read the full article
BioConvS at VivaTechnology 2024

Last week we were at VivaTech, the annual showroom of startups and innovation. Have a look at the startups that we showcased and at the gallery of the event!
Learn more
Job opportunities
Post-doctoral position for 2 to 4 years in Bioinformatics / Biostatistics / Computational biology / Microbiome in Team “Microbiota, Gut and Inflammation” from the St Antoine Research Center (Sorbonne University, Inserm), Harry Sokol's lab. Learn more

Postdoctoral position
available in Jean-Loup Faulon's lab on Machine Learning in Bio-Engineering. It's a unique opportunity to be at the crossroad of AI and Synthetic Biology in a prestigious CEA academic lab of Paris-Saclay Universit. Learn more
Join BioConvS
Census of BioConvS labs
Starting January 2024, all labs affiliated or wanting to participate in a DIM BioConvS activity will have to be registered. Why? Most importantly because we want to build a cartography of biotherapy, bioproduction and synthetic biology in Ile-de-France and you want to make sure that you're on it!
Fill in the affiliation form
SAVE THE DATE: November 28th 2024
We're excited to announce that the second annual symposium of the DIM BioConvS will be held on November 28th! Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

Recent publications
Do you want to see your paper featured in our next newlsetter? Write to

Duveau, F., Cordier, C., Chiron, L., Le Bec, M., Pouzet, S., Séguin, J., Llamosi, A., Sorre, B., Di Meglio, J.-M., Hersen, P., 2024. Yeast cell responses and survival during periodic osmotic stress are controlled by glucose availability. eLife 12, RP88750. 

Siguenza, N., Brevi, A., Zhang, J.T., Pabani, A., Bhushan, A., Das, M., Ding, Y., Hasty, J., Ghosh, P., Zarrinpar, A., 2024. Engineered bacterial therapeutics for detecting and treating CRC. Trends in Cancer.
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