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Newsletter #6
September 7th, 2023
Dear all,
We hope you have a nice summer and an even nicer "rentrée"! At BioConvS we have great news for you: registration for our first annual Symposium on November 14th (save the date!) is open, an upcoming equipment call, and we're getting prepared for Fête de la Science! So without further ado, let's get started!
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Save the date: 1st BioConvS Symposium on November 14th
We're excited to announce that the First BioConvS Symposium will be held on November 14th in the siege of the Île-de-France Region. A whole day of science and innovation! We'll have invited speakers, poster sessions and workshops. Students and early-stage researchers are particularly encouraged to submit a poster!
Register here
Opening soon: 2nd equipment call
Our second call for equipment grants will open in the second half of september and will finance equipments from 7.5k€, with no upper limit. The total budget for the call is 675k€. Applications will be open until february. More details coming soon!
Join the DIM BioConvS for Fête de la Science
The DIM will animate a stand at the "Village des Sciences" of Sorbonne Université on October 12-13 and we are looking for volunteers to help animate the stand! Bring your own ideas or participate in ours, all help is welcome. Contact us if you are interested in this exceptional experience!
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Not to miss!
September 29th: Forum Biotechno
The Réseau Biotechno's 2023 forum will connect industry with Master's or PhD students and young researchers. The programs include seminars, workshops, round tables, company presentations, stands, and networking opportunities, and the DIM is an official sponsor of this event.
Learn more and register
April 3-4: Congrès France Bioproduction 2024
The 8th edition of the congress will be held in Île-de-France! A chance not to miss to attend this pivotal event for the bioproduction community. Registration is not open yet but make sure you save the date!
Learn more
Our ecosystem
Results - PhD, postdoc and equipment calls 2023
The results of our PhD, postdoc and equipment calls are available on our website.
Find out which projects have been funded!
Discover our funded projects
Browse the ecosystem of Biotherapy and Bioproduction in our region
Région Ile-de-France, together with Institut Paris Région,  is working on a comprehensive map of Biotherapy and Bioproduction actors in Ile-de-France, including academia, the private sectors and incubators.
More opportunities
Financial aid for Healthtech students
Are you a student in the healthtech industry? You have until September 15th to apply for a 1000€ financial aid from France Biotech
TOMORROW! Webinar SESAME Filière France 2023
The Region is joining forces with the competitiveness clusters Astech, Cap Digital, Cosmetic Valley, Finance Innovation, Medicen, Next Move and Systematic Paris-Region to offer a webinar to present the terms of two calls for projects: Grands Lieux d'Innovation France 2030 and SESAME Filière France 2030. This webinar will take place on Friday September 8, 2023, from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Registration link:
France Innovation Webinar series
Check out this outstanding list on free webinars, coming up in the following weeks. On the menu:
Protection of your inventions: the different tools and how to use them
Breakthrough innovation, deep tech: what if the EIC Horizon Europe Accelerator was made for you?
Discover the webinars list
Recent publications
Do you want to see your paper featured in our next newlsetter? Write to

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