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Newsletter #13
April 5th, 2024
Dear all,
Time flies: our annual PhD grants call will accept applications for another short while, you have until April 22nd to apply! While you write your application, don't forget to keep in mind the impact of scientific outreach in research projects and become a pro by registering to our next Masterclass in scientific communication, the next one being on May 14th. Also check out the 2024 program of Pint of Science, which features three BioConvS evenings in Paris this year!
Last but not least, we're attendidng VivaTech this year and we'd like to give the opportunity to startups in our network to pitch, so don't hesitate to apply before May 6th!
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BioConvS news
BioConvS sponsors 3 evenings of Pint of Science

This year, the DIM BioConvS, in collaboration with LabEx WhoAmI?, the GENE Graduate School, and the Faculty of Science of Université Paris Cité, is proud to sponsor three evenings as part of Pint of Science in Paris.
Tickets fly fast and will be available starting April 8th! If you want to join us, make sure to register as soon as possible!
May 13-14-15

Bar Deux-Point-Zéro
7 rue Blondel 75003 Paris
Find out more and register
May 13th
War against the Bacterial Empire: New Jedi
Nawal Serradji and Julian Bulssico
In our galaxy, the human body faces invasions from microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, etc.) that threaten our health. With the help of treatments, the body valiantly attempts to combat them, but over time, resistance develops and these treatments become ineffective. Tonight, come discover new techniques to fight against the dark side of the Bacterial Empire!
More info
May 14th
Microbiome, Intestine, Brain: Cheers to Your Health!
Caroline Léger Oriane Onimus and Diego Garcia-Weber Nathalie Rolhion
The intestine plays a major role in regulating our diet and metabolism, but does it truly act alone? Tonight, delve into the connections between the intestinal microbiome, intestine, and brain to understand their impact on energy balance and health. Discover why their imbalance can lead to the onset of diseases and approaches to better treat them!
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May 15th
Mission Biotherapy: Medicines of Tomorrow?
Lucile Alexandre and Hugo Salmon
Would you like more targeted therapies? Are you interested in more ethical pharmacological tests? Biotherapies are here for that! Tonight, come discover the fascinating innovations that rely on extracellular vesicles as a means of administering drugs and organs-on-chips as a new platform to replicate the physiological environment of human organs.
More info
Creativity Workshop: May 27th
As part of the Innovators of Tomorrow program by DIM BioConvS, we are organizing a workshop in central Paris on Monday, May 27th, aimed at stimulating creativity, led by Todd Lubart, a university professor in psychology specializing in differential psychology, creativity, and innovation. He has authored numerous scientific and popular articles and communications. We are pleased to open this workshop to five free listeners who are members of the DIM BioConvS network. The workshop will involve group exercises to develop creative potential and mental flexibility through various techniques. If you are interested, please contact us.
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The role of experiments in scientific outreach
Join us for our third Scientific Communication Masterclass
When faced with an audience, what we call “experiments” are tools that can be used to achieve several different and sometimes contradictory objectives. Together we will dissect the different ways of approaching the scientific mediation experience and share advice on how to better learn to master them in front of an audience.
On May 14th at 11h

Register before May 9th!
BioConvS propose une série de MasterClass en communication et médiation scientifique. Ouvertes à tous les membres du DIM, ces formations vous permettront d'aborder des thématiques diverses autour d'un petit-déjeuner de 9h à 10h30 :
• 6 Mars : Introduction générale à la communication et médiation (past event)
• 3 Avril : Esprit critique et biais argumentatifs (past event)

• 14 Mai : Médiation expérimentale / L'expérience: inscriptions ouvertes
• 11 Juin : Réseaux sociaux: inscriptions ouvertes
• 5 Juillet : Penser et écrire un projet d'outreach: inscriptions ouvertes
Les inscriptions sont ouvertes pour une ou plusieurs séances.
Join the EIT Health SCI FI Programme
with BioConvS
We are more than happy to renew the partnership between DIM BioConvS, EIT Health, and Medicen Paris Region to offer registrations to DIM BioConvS members to participate in the EIT Health SCI FI program, which aims to provide scientists with the necessary skills to become innovators in the healthcare sector.

Learn more and apply before May 15
Join the info webinar on April 8th
Our 2024 PhD call is open until April 22nd
Also this year we will finance 4 PhD fellowships on all BioConvS thematics. You will need to have identified a candidate to participate to this call! Deadline: April 22nd.
Learn more and apply
An opportunity for startups
VivaTech: we're looking for startups
This is the European rendezvous for innovation, showcasing the most promising startups and exhibiting the greatest technological inventions from global leaders. If you're a startup, we offer you the opportunity to participate in the event for free and highlight your invention with a pitch. It's your chance to meet international investors and take part in conferences. Interested? Apply with a cover letter for the selection process
Discover the event
Apply to attend with us
Might interest you
Apply to the Innovators Prize 2024
The Region honors, with the Île-de-France Innovators Prize, 3 individuals and their teams for the exceptional quality of their work and their impact in the field of health. You can submit your profile to be considered fro this prize until May 20th.
Learn more and apply
Report: Panorama Health Tech 2023
If you're interested in the biotech ecosystem and trends, you can find the annual report on the Health Tech landscape for 2023 prepared by France Biotech at the link below. This report provides an overview of the healthcare innovation in France, presenting the overall state of the sector and the Biotech, Medtech, and Digital Health industries each year. For example, you'll find encouraging information such as:
💡The biotech sector in France is gaining maturity and professionalizing.
💡French companies are well-positioned in terms of European excellence in rare diseases. They hold the largest portfolio of approved drugs for rare diseases in Europe, with over 200 drugs in development.
Read the report
Join BioConvS
Census of BioConvS labs
Starting January 2024, all labs affiliated or wanting to participate in a DIM BioConvS activity will have to be registered. Why? Most importantly because we want to build a cartography of biotherapy, bioproduction and synthetic biology in Ile-de-France and you want to make sure that you're on it!
Fill in the affiliation form
SAVE THE DATE: November 28th 2024
We're excited to announce that the second annual symposium of the DIM BioConvS will be held on November 28th! Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

Job offers
An offer for a research engineer is available at Saint-Gobain Research, with a focus on bioprocesses and mircrobiology. Learn more

A 2-years postdoc position is available in Ariel Lindners ELiS lab (INSERM/Université Paris Cité) on "Fundamental and applied synthetic biology approaches to RNA-mediated liquid-liquid phase separation" . Read more
Are looking for a job
Stéphane Gasser, Ph.D., is an independent consultant in biotechnologies (bioproduction), multidisciplinary team management (from biology to software development, including physics, process engineering...), and R&D organization. He has expertise in process modeling and scientific computing, as well as experience in industrialization and scale-up of biotechnological processes. During his last assignment at Astraveus, he supported the "microtechnologies" team by implementing agile organization in an advanced industrial context (microfluidics/electronics/mechanics) and proposing alternative solutions to overcome some technological barriers. Contact
Recent publications
Do you want to see your paper featured in our next newlsetter? Write to

Anastassov, S., Filo, M., Khammash, M., 2024. Inteins: A Swiss army knife for synthetic biology. Biotechnology Advances 108349.

Levrier, A., Karpathakis, I., Nash, B., Bowden, S.D., Lindner, A.B., Noireaux, V., 2024. PHEIGES: all-cell-free phage synthesis and selection from engineered genomes. Nat Commun 15, 2223.
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